Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lifetime Launches Every Woman Counts Bus Tour

The above subject line has likely prompted a ripple of involuntary eye-rolls from our male readers but hang in there with me! Lifetime Network has taken a break from mawkish made-for-tv chick flicks to launch a bus tour across the country to the National Political Conventions. The femobile will make stops in 11 cities where women can register to vote and create videos for Lifetime’s YouTube(TM) Channel and New Site www.everywomancounts08.com.

The bus tour aims to engage women in the political process this election season and beyond. At each tour stop, women will be able to upload vids declaring what they would do if they were Prez, highlighting the issues most important to them this historic presidential election year. They will make stops at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions and host a series of high-profile Every Woman Counts forums and festivities.

Thirty-five million eligible women did not vote in the 2004 presidential election, and they are committed to changing this statistic as part of their campaign. Rising country stars Carter's Chord wrote and recorded "Make It Count," a song dedicated to empowering women that will serve as the tour's theme song.

Market stops include: July 31, Indianapolis, IN; August 2, Louisville, KY; August 4, Nashville, TN; August 5, Atlanta, GA; August 7, New Orleans, LA; August 11, Houston, TX; August 13, San Antonio, TX; August 18, Albuquerque, NM; August 20, 25-28, Denver, CO, site of the Democratic National Convention; August 31, Kansas City, MO; and September 1-4, Minneapolis/Saint Paul, home to the Republican National Convention.

Viewers at home can track the 'Every Woman Counts' YouTube bus on its trip around the country. The site also features a special national political conventions resource section, including a quiz to "Test Your Convention IQ."

Note: Their campaign is releasing a national survey of female voters today that will provide new information about why Clinton didn't win and how women feel about the 2008 general election match-up. Poll results will be released today at 1 p.m.

Check out Queen Latifah interviewing women as part of the Every Woman Counts campaign.

It begs the question: So what would you do if you were Prez?

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Anonymous said...

If I were President, my first mission would be to get our troops out of Iraq. Then, I would focus on making sure our education and health care system was more accessible and equitable.