Friday, August 15, 2008

HOT or NOT: The Week-In-Review

HOT: Obamicans. Former Iowa Congressman Jim Leach and the Republican Mayor of Fairbanks, Alaska endorsed Barack Obama this week. The “Republicans for Obama” website is up and running and includes a couple of hundred thousand names. Republicans with good sense? Who knew?

NOT: Cheating on your wife. Former presidential candidate John Edwards admitted to an affair with Rielle Hunter, who worked on his campaign. (Sighs, shakes head and moves on).

HOT: Breaking world records. Talk about a good week for Mr. Phelps! Michael Phelps collected six gold medals at the Beijing Olympics and has set a world record in every final he's raced in Beijing. Geez Louise, my greatest moment of triumph this week was (sort of) finishing one of those sudoku puzzles in the paper.

NOT: Calling “the other guy” elitist when you own nine houses. Senator John McCain’s worth over $100 million, owns 9 houses and flies around on a $12.6 million corporate jet… a real man of the people, folks.

HOT: Playing offense against Swift Boat attacks. Senator John Kerry sent out an email to his three million-person list denouncing the new anti-Obama book by Jerome Corsi. Kerry introduced a new website called to battle against the Swift Boat-style smear machine.

NOT: Appearing on a white supremacist show. As if you needed another reason to not like Jerome Corsi, you can add this one to your list: Corsi is set to make an appearance on the “The Political Cesspool” on Sunday. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, it is "an overtly racist, anti-Semitic radio show hosted by self-avowed white nationalist James Edwards.” Oh lovely, can’t wait to tune in to what will surely be the height of sophisticated, unbiased, and intellectual conversation.

HOT: Restoring peace. Russia and Georgia have made a fragile peace agreement to curtail looting and continued fighting. Condi arrived in Georgia on Friday in an attempt to seal the deal with Russia. The US is sending troops to Georgia to oversee the humanitarian efforts.

NOT: Making slit-eyed gestures. Two photos emerged showing Spanish Olympic athletes making “slight-eyed” gestures, a crude impersonation of Chinese people. The photo, which is still visible on the official website of the Spanish Tennis Federation, is captioned “Estamos preparados para China," which translates as “We are prepared for China.” Stupidest move ever: Insult the Chinese.

And I leave you with Our Fabulous Video of the Week:

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