Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Was Clinton Really Offered the Sec of State Gig?

So, rumors are flying about that President-elect Barack Obama’s Secretary of State offer to Senator Hillary Clinton may be as real as Spencer and Heidi Montag’s wedding stunt (sorry, my first and last The Hills reference). According to “two senior Democratic officials,” Obama “offered” Senator Hillary Clinton the position of Secretary of State during their meeting on Thursday in Chi-town.

The Huffington Post reported that:

Mrs. Clinton's and her closest advisers' turning a suggestion by the President-elect that she might, among other things, head the State Department into an "offer" and reports that she was agonizing over whether to accept it, did not please officials in Chicago, some of whom hoped that issues over disclosure of Bill Clinton's post-presidential record might block the appointment. But the former president's camp blocked that by promising to cooperate with requests for information and to accept limits on his activities, including clearance of speaking engagements abroad.

Statements by the Hilary camp on November 21 saying that "she's ready" for the position but then backtracking, saying that some matters were "under discussion," typified the whole mess, the only snag thus far in an otherwise unusually smooth transition involving impressive choices--an object lesson to Obama (which he had reason to know already) that getting involved with the Clintons is rarely uncomplicated.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt that Senator Hillary Clinton would be a smart, tough and capable department head - but given her disagreements with Obama on foreign policy - I'm iffy on whether this is the best position for her. We'll know for sure after the T-giving holiday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama Announces the E-Team

Howdy Politicas y politicos! The last few weeks have been pretty insane for yours truly and yet life continues onward and the economy continues downward. Much chatter has been going on about Obama’s economic team picks so let’s review:

Today, our Presidente-Electo announced the key members of his economic team tasked with creating jobs, stabilizing the economy, and getting our country back on track.

Timothy F. Geithner, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, will serve as Secretary of the Treasury.

Lawrence H. Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, will serve as Director of the National Economic Council.

Christina D. Romer will serve as Director of the Council of Economic Advisers, Melody C. Barnes will serve as Director of the Domestic Policy Council, and Heather A. Higginbottom (woot!) will serve as Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council.

And what did our dear friend Joe Lieberman have to say about his team picks:

“Everything that President-elect Obama has done since election night has been just about perfect, both in terms of a tone and also in terms of the strength of the names that have either been announced or are being discussed to fill his administration.” quickly his tone changed.

Check out Barack Obama's live press conference explaining his economic plan. Um yea, George Bush who?

Friday, November 14, 2008

What the 2008 Electoral Map Would Look Like if the Election Were Decided By...




Check out other maps here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stevens Behind by 3 votes in Alaska Senate Race

Alaska Republican Senator Ted "convicted" Stevens trailed by three votes on Wednesday. Democrat Mayor Mark Begich holds a slight lead of 125,019 votes to 125,016. In Alaska, the losing candidate or 10 voters has three days to petition for a recount unless the vote was a tie. Get this: If Stevens wins his seat but faces expulsion, a special election would be held -- and Gov. Sarah Palin has stated she'd be interested in serving that role. Wut wo.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mike Huckabee: Barack Obama, My President

Check out the below editorial written by Mike Huckabee on

It's no secret that I personally supported John McCain for president. I agreed with him on core issues and he and I are in the same party, but I also truly believe he's an extraordinary and honorable American hero.

I campaigned hard for him — to the point of losing my voice in fact. But Americans elected Barack Obama and it's time to put the election behind us and the country in front of us. Barack Obama wasn't my choice, but come January 20, he will be my president. I will pray for him and his family. I want him to be successful in leading our country.

I will not seek to see all of his faults and none of his qualities.

Some of President Bush's harsh critics went beyond loyal opposition and engaged in angry, vile and mean-spirited hate. Those of us who found that kind of attitude and behavior despicable can hardly engage in similar conduct toward a President Obama.

We can show our true patriotism conducting ourselves in the way that we wanted people to have treated President Bush.

The rest of the article is here.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Sunday Funnies

Friday, November 7, 2008

HOT or NOT: The Week-In-Review

HOT: Change.

NOT: More of the same.

HOT: CNN Useless Technological Toys. CNN was superjazzed to play with their new “hologram” toy and beamed CNN correspondent, Jessica Yellin, from Chicago, to the CNN press center in New York. Beam me up, Scotty!

NOT: Karl Rove calls Rahm Emanuel too partisan. Is this for real? Too funny.

HOT: Reid Considers Ousting Lieberman from Chairmanship. There was probably no one more upset about Barack Obama’s win than Joe Lieberman. Now that Dems have a comfortable majority in the senate, there are rumors that Harry Reid will oust our dear friend Joe out of his chairmanship on the Senate Homeland Security Committee. So sad. Reid offered Lieberman a deal to step down as chairman of the homeland security committee and chair a subcommittee on economic or small business issues.

NOT: Mocking Your VP Pick. Now this is interesting. The people who introduced the world to the delightful Sarah Palin and defended her ridiculousness time and time again – are trying to take her down. Soon after the election, McCain staffers were more than willing to spill that Palin did not know Africa was a continent, what countries were in NAFTA and threw dramatic temper tantrums at bad news clippings.

And here is Our Fabulous Political Video of the Week:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Announces Emanuel as Chief of Staff

Below are statements from President-elect Barack Obama and Congressman Rahm Emanuel on Congressman Emanuel being named White House Chief of Staff.

Statement from President-elect Barack Obama:

I am pleased to announce that my good friend, Congressman Rahm Emanuel, has agreed to serve as my White House chief of staff. I announce this appointment first because the Chief of Staff is central to the ability of a President and Administration to accomplish an agenda. And no one I know is better at getting things done than Rahm Emanuel.

Statement from Congressman Rahm Emanuel:

I know what a privilege it is to serve in the White House, and am humbled by the responsibility we owe the American people. I'm leaving a job I love to join your White House for one simple reason - like the record amount of voters who cast their ballot over the last month, I want to do everything I can to help deliver the change America needs. We have work to do, and Tuesday Americans sent Washington a clear message – get the job done.

It's A New Day

We. Did. It. Like many of you, I watched President-Elect Barack Obama’s acceptance speech with tears in my eyes, overcome with the emotion of that moment. Not just because this historic election broke down barriers of race (which is emotional in itself) but because of my pride in America for believing in change – for voting for hope over fear, unity over division, change over more of the same.

Those of us that are younger have developed such a defeatist attitude about the American political system. After watching two elections that were won by unethical and manipulative political tactics and eight years of failed policies, many of us had lost hope in the American political process. We could not believe that an election could be won decisively solely on the basis that a candidate could inspire people to go to the polls. We could not believe that an election could be won without long, drawn-out Supreme Court cases, state recounts, voter suppression and political platforms that seek to divide us. And yet, this moment in history has reignited the spark in the age-old American ideal that all things can be possible with hard work and determination.

Not only did President-Elect Barack Obama triumph last night. Dignity and integrity won out. Sincere, deeply-rooted, undying hope won out. Sacrifice against all odds won out. The American commitment to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness won out. And the radical notion that everyday people can come together and change the world as we know it won out.

I will always remember this. Minutes after the news networks called Virginia, my father called me. And he said to me, “I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. Maybe your lifetime, but not mine. I just can’t believe it.” And my heart broke instantly because in that moment, I could feel the immense joy of millions across the nation whose faith in the American Dream had been restored.

I don’t know what’s to come. I will not make light the challenges that are before us and the work that’s left to be done in an Obama administration. But finally, the sun has arisen from behind the clouds of fear and apprehension and it’s a new day. And I thank you all for being part of this story. Thank you who believed, who sacrificed time and effort and money, who said “Yes We Can” when others mocked and doubted, and who voted for a better America hope beyond hope. Thank you for reaffirming my faith in America's spirit and promise. May God bless you all and may God bless America.

"I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Wins!


According to all the major networks, Barack Obama is the President-Elect of the United States of America. We did it. We made history. Still processing here. Speechless.

America Votes for Change:

Obama Wins White House, Becomes First Black President:

Obama Wins: How He Did It:

Final Thoughts: Is America Ready for A Black President?

And. Here. We. Are. Just hours before the results come in (let’s hope). It’s been an amazing journey for us diehard Obama supporters. We have experienced the highs and lows, moments of joy and outrage alongside the Senator over the past two years.

During every major turning point in American history, there have always been the naysayers, the doubters or more conventionally “the haters” on all sides stating that America is just not ready for the emancipation of the slaves, women’s rights, fill in the blank with any subversive movement. This election presents yet another pivotal turning point in American culture and society.

There has arguably never been a better time or better candidate for such a phenomenon as a Black President to take place. Here we have a candidate who is clearly black but in a bizarre Oprah-esque fashion has the potential to transcend race and appeal to millions of white Americans. And here we have this moment in our history where the opposition party has created such a colossal mess of our foreign relations and economic standing that has allowed such a candidate to be viable in the eyes of the electorate.

Oddly enough, some of the biggest doubters in this election have been African-Americans who have lost faith in America’s sense of fairness and equality. And, in many ways, rightfully so. Call me naïve but I have an unrelenting faith in America and our commitment to justice, liberty and equal opportunity for all Americans (which could possibly change after Nov. 4). It is a faith that I must constantly defend at the dinner table with my parents who have seen some of America’s darkest days, a faith that I must defend as I knock on doors in poor black neighborhoods in South Philadelphia and a faith that I often must defend to myself as comments like “uppity” have reemerged during this election.

That’s why this election means so much more than two men running against each other at a unique time in history. It is a challenge to everything that we as a nation are and what we presume to stand for. It is an opportunity for America to prove how far we’ve truly come in the fight for equal rights – that the American people will not judge a candidate (in public or in private) by innate qualities but by their strength, intelligence and vision for America. With Obama up by a substantial lead in the polls -- this is a moment in which we will know for sure whether subtle racism still has its insidious grip on our belief system. It is a moment in which we will know for sure if we are ready to turn the next page in our nation’s history.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Coast to Coast: Election Night Parties

With one day to go, check out the hot Election Night Parties happening across the country on Tuesday.


Host: California for Obama, Generation Obama LA, 008 The Movement, California Democratic Party
Tuesday, November 4
Free Admission
They have a stellar line up of musical acts, comedians, and appearances by many of our state and local politicians.
*The event will reach capacity and they are guaranteeing admission to everyone who contributes.
Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel
2025 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles 90067
Rsvp: http//
Contribute here:

Election Cruise in San Francisco Bay
Where: FDR's Yacht, Potomac
When: Sail from Oakland's Jack London Square at 5:00 pm and Pier 40 at 5:45 pm
Enjoy wine and food while sailing around the bay.

Official San Francisco Election Night Party
Tuesday, November 4
Doors Open at 6pm, Free Admission
Join Generation Obama San Francisco and other Bay Area Groups for the Official San Francisco Election Night Event!
First 100 Attendees Receive a Free Shepard Fairey "Hope" Poster.
Mezzanine (Near Mint Plaza)
444 Jessie St
San Francisco, CA

Orange County Election Night Party
Where: JT Schmid's Restaurant & Brewery in Tustin, California
When: 7:30 to 10:00 pm
Join your fellow Orange County citizens for fun and results.

New York:

Host: Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century of New York
DL21C's Election Night Bash!
Tuesday, November 4
NYC's biggest party celebrating local and national Democratic victories!
Huge TVs, DJ, Elected Officials and more!
New World Stages
340 W. 50th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues)

The Election Night Party
Where: Element in New York, New York
When: 7:00 pm
Dance away the election as DJ's mix it up.

Election Day Bash
Where: Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden in Astoria, New York
When: 6:00 pm
Nothing helps you forget about red & blue states like a pitcher of beer.

Washington, DC:

Host: African Diaspora for Obama Election Night Party!
Tuesday, November 4, 2008
After you cast your vote on November 4, end your night with the entire ADO Family as we come out to cheer our man, Barack Obama, in the last leg of this historic race for President of the United States!
- TV Projectors of real time electoral stats, polls and analysis
- Kuku, Clarence “Bluesman” Turner, N’Digo Rose, Jessica Chambliss, Will Rast & the Funk Ark
- the Fatback DJ’s, Adrian Loving, and The Return of Party Bros
Bohemian Caverns
11th & U St. NW
Washington, DC

Politics Magazine Election Night Party
Where: Lounge 201 in Washington, DC
When: 7:30 to 10:30 pm
Get some martinis, food and have some fun.

Vote Then Party
Where: Ultra Bar in Washington, DC
When: Open bar from 8:00 to 11:00 pm
Antonella Barba hosts a rockin' party only for those who vote.


PW Election Night Party
Where: Loews Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
When: 8:00 pm
Listen to DJs and keep tabs on the exciting election results.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Sunday Funnies

This week's Sunday Funnies is a David Letterman clip of the Top Ten Palin Excuses for Spending $150,000 on clothes.