Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama Announces the E-Team

Howdy Politicas y politicos! The last few weeks have been pretty insane for yours truly and yet life continues onward and the economy continues downward. Much chatter has been going on about Obama’s economic team picks so let’s review:

Today, our Presidente-Electo announced the key members of his economic team tasked with creating jobs, stabilizing the economy, and getting our country back on track.

Timothy F. Geithner, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, will serve as Secretary of the Treasury.

Lawrence H. Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton, will serve as Director of the National Economic Council.

Christina D. Romer will serve as Director of the Council of Economic Advisers, Melody C. Barnes will serve as Director of the Domestic Policy Council, and Heather A. Higginbottom (woot!) will serve as Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council.

And what did our dear friend Joe Lieberman have to say about his team picks:

“Everything that President-elect Obama has done since election night has been just about perfect, both in terms of a tone and also in terms of the strength of the names that have either been announced or are being discussed to fill his administration.”

Hmmm...how quickly his tone changed.

Check out Barack Obama's live press conference explaining his economic plan. Um yea, George Bush who?

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