Sunday, August 24, 2008

Election '08: The Movie

Like 99% of the world, I will be in Denver for the Dem Convention this week (woot!) and will be out of pocket. There's no doubt that this has been the most exciting/ bizarre election in recent history and has me wondering about who would play who in the film.

I leave you with my Election '08: The Movie cast...

Will Smith as Barack Obama

Jack Lemmon as John McCain

Angela Bassett as Michelle Obama

Heather Locklear as Cindy McCain

Jeff Bridges as Joe Biden

Meryl Streep as Hillary Clinton

Sinbad as Jeremiah Wright

Robert Deniro as Rudolph Giuliani

Ian McKellen as Ron Paul

Keanu Reeves as John Edwards

Alec Baldwin as Mitt Romney

Robin Williams as Mike Huckabee


Liz said...

Lindsay, this is hysterical! Clearly that LA casting bug has already caught you. Have fun at the Convention!

blue_beastie said...

Hahah, reminds me of this

Sonia G. said...

This is quite possibly the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I literally lol-ed at work.

Sonia G. said...

On further thought, I'd have to contribute:

Edie Falco as Rielle Hunter

Anonymous said...

Awesome casting!

k said...

And introducing....Tina Fey as everyone's running mate, Sarah Palin

Tobias said...

and you're an excellent Casting Director! Will Smith would make an ideal Obama...

and quite honestly, I bet in 8 years Mr Smith will star as Mr Obama in an fabulous bio pic. I'm saving this post in my favorites - and I'm sharing it with my friends!

Tobias said...

...oh I forgot, who's playing Palin?... Actually, Tina Fey sounds like a match... Any other ideas?