Monday, April 27, 2009

How Many African Kids Could Celebrity Engagement Rings Feed?

So I'm not one to hate on another chica for her blinged-out engagement ring, but this story caught my attention. When my fiance (then boyfriend) sent me an article a year ago about how Debeers artificially increased the value of diamonds by stating that a man should spend 2 months salary on a ring, I initially thought "OK, homeboy just wants to be el cheapo." But there is much truth to it.

Westerners, celebrities in particular, spend a redunkulous amount of money each year on a needless object when they could be applying the money to take care of the most basic needs in the world.

According to Cat Walk Cat Fight, if celebrities donated as much money as they spend on diamond engagement rings, they'd feed millions of starving African children. It is estimated that 25,000 people die every day from hunger and related causes. Of those going without food, 230 million live in Sub-Saharan Africa. 25% of these people are children. What if we could take the decadence of celebrity and use it for good?

Check out the facts below. But we can't simply point fingers at celebrities, we must also look at our own waste and excesses compared to those less fortunate. To donate to the World Food Programme, the world's frontline organization fighting hunger, click here.

Valued at $500,000, Eva Longoria's ring would feed 10,000 starving African children for a year.

Valued at $2,500,000, Mariah Carey's ring would feed 50,000 starving African children for a year.

Valued at $4,700,000, Paris Hilton's ring would feed 90,000 starving African children for a year.

Valued at $5,000,000, Beyonce Knowles' ring would feed 100,000 starving African children for a year.


Boston Jewelry said...

I have gone through your post, Really you are supporting to the great cause which definitely helps to make their future perfect.

Maya said...

With the money you save buying a celebrity-style ring from James Allen (, you can feed so many more starving children!

Daniel said...

The world is not fair with all of us. I am glad that i have a home, a family and friends that i care. But a ring to cot 5million dollars? They world's gone crazy about richness and money.