Friday, April 3, 2009

HOT or NOT: The Week-In-Review

HOT: Al Franken's Senate seat race finally reaches the finish line because he's good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it people love him. After months of legal battles, the state Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday with Franken and rejected Coleman's call to count up to 1,400 absentee ballots that he claimed had been incorrectly rejected. Not lookin good, Coley.

NOT: Michelle Touches Queen Frenzy. The British press could barely keep it together on Thursday after it was revealed that First Lady Michelle Obama had the audacity to give Queen Elizabeth a side hug. Gasp! But, according to Buckingham Palace staff, the Queen was digging the unthinkable gesture and they denied there are rules about touching the Queen.

HOT: Colin Powell on GOP. In yet another sign that Colin Powell is a rational thinker, Powell recently shared that he thinks the Republican counterbudget is just not practical. Powell noted that the Republican provisions to freeze government have "gone too far."

NOT: Al Sharpton didn’t pay taxes 2002-07. Seriously, does no one pay taxes anymore? According to the NYP, Reverend Al Sharpton owed at least $1.8 million in back taxes and penalities. Last summer, he was able to cut a deal with federal prosecutors in Brooklyn to end criminal probe of his finances.

HOT: Mexico Drug War Death Toll Declines. On Thursday, Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora stated that the death toll connected to Mexico's drug war has dropped by about 25 percent in the first three months of this year from the last quarter of 2008. College spring breakers everywhere are shouting with joy.

And here's Our Fabulous Political Video of the Week:

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