Thursday, October 16, 2008

Debate Part 3: Republicans Heart "Joe (insert cliched Blue-collar job here)"

So, tonight was the last and final debate between Prez candidates Barack Obama and John McCain. Again, neither candidate caused fireworks but it was certainly the most interesting (translation: I didn't fall asleep) debate between the candidates.

In a nutshell:
McCain played offense and went after Barack's associations. Barack stuck to the issues while McCain kept plunging away at "Joe the Plumber." What's next "Joe the miner" or "Joe the repairman?" B-rack picked up speed in the last few innings and McCain did a horrific job of trying to keep his cool.

Best moment:
Watching the insta-poll dip for women when McCain talked about how Sarah Palin is a model for women everywhere. Women no likey the Sarah Palin.

Fun with wordle:


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