Monday, September 8, 2008

Pull Off Michelle Obama's Look For Less

So please forgive me if I'm having a distinctly "girly moment" here but I need a serious breather from Electionmania.

I'm not one of those people who says, "Wow.. did you see what Lauren Conrad wore to the VMAs last night?" I could care less. But I have become "one of those" for Michelle Obama. I must confess that I looked for a purple dress for three weeks after I saw her in her faboo one (alas, no luck). Same with the orange dress (also an unsuccessful venture). Le sigh.

She's received much acclaim for her classy yet sassy ensembles and I've broken it down so that you can attempt to pull it off. Here goes..

Here's the famous dress Michelle wore on the View. The original dress is from White House/Black Market for $148. The dress immediately sold out after the show. Now that's star power! To the right is a mas cheaper version of the dress at Sears for $20.99. At the end is my version of the dress (which I've appropriately deemed "my Michelle Obama dress") which I received as a gift. Love it.

Purple dress is from Banana Republic for $130. Faux pearls are from Express for $24.50 and belt is from JCPenney for $20.00.

Gray and black dress is from Ann Taylor Loft for $59.99. Black patent leather Mary Janes are from JCPenney for $39.99.

Black shirtwaist dress is from Target for $44.99. Black boots are from Payless Shoes for $44.99.

Trench coat is from Sears for $91.00.

Dress is from Ann Taylor Loft for $39.99 and brooch is $19.99 on

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esk said...

Michelle is so graceful and poised and is definitely a fashionista. I'm with you on this post.

And let me find out that Ann Taylor has that dress...I have a coupon... *gathering my belongings...on my way to the mall*