Friday, September 19, 2008

HOT or NOT: The Week-In-Review

HOT: Saving our economy. So after an emergency huddle, congressional leaders and the Treasury Secretary have announced a “bold approach” to attempt to save our economy. And by bold, they mean expensive. The rescue plan is expected to cost $1,000,000,000,000.00. And no, this is not in monopoly money.

NOT: Installing a tanning bed in your house. According to recent reports, Palin had a tanning bed installed in the Alaska’s governor’s mansion. Breaking News: Tanorexics across the country are now flocking to the McCain-Palin ticket in droves.

HOT: Getting your groove back. As Barack Obama has intensified his attacks on McCain and as McCain has intensified his blunders, Obama gets his BOmentum back in the polls. A recent CBS/New York Times survey put Obama up by 48 percent to 43 percent. Woot!

NOT: Refusing to testify in a probe. Sarah Palin's husband, Todd Palin, has refused to testify on Friday in the investigation of his wife's alleged abuse of power. Todd Palin was among 13 people subpoenaed by the Alaska Legislature, but it looks like the Legislative Council will not compel any witness to testify before Nov. 4. And we care after Nov. 4 because...?

HOT: Knowing where Spain is. During an interview in Miami earlier this week with Spanish-language station Union Radio, a reporter asked McCain whether, if elected, he would receive Zapatero in the White House. McCain responded with a statement about Mexico and Latin America — but not Spain — pressing the need to stand up to world leaders who want to harm America. Candidate has been officially stumped.

NOT: Having George Allen perform minority outreach. I know that this sounds like the headline of an Onion article, but I kid you not. Republicans have announced that George Allen will perform minority outreach for the Prez campaign. I'm beginning to think that this theory that Republicans want to lose in November has some validity to it.

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