Friday, May 1, 2009

HOT or NOT: The Week-In-Review

HOT: Barack & Michelle Make Time's 100 “World's Most Influential People." Another year, another list. Other notables were Paul Krugman, Rush Limbaugh, Penelope Cruz (?), M.I.A. and Sarah Palin.

NOT: Fox Not Airing Obama Press Conference. In yet another “fair and balanced” move, Fox became the first broadcast network to refuse to air President Barack Obama’s prime-time news conference. The network instead opted to show their new series “Lie to Me,” about a crime-fighting expert who can spot liars.

HOT: Jump in Stocks in April. In a sign that the economy is beginning to heal, Standard & Poor’s 500 index climbed 9.4 percent in April, its best performance in nine years, and the Dow Jones industrial average increased 7.4 percent in April.

NOT: Michele Bachmann Blames Dems for Swine Flu. Good ol’ Bachmann suggested that President Barack Obama should be blamed for the crisis, mistakenly implying that swine flu epidemics tend to happen during Democratic administrations.

HOT: No Racial Gap Seen in '08 Voter Turnout. According to a study, the historically wide gap between blacks and whites in voter turnout evaporated in the '08 presidential election, mostly due to the Obama candidacy and an increase in the number of eligible voters. In particular, black women reported the highest rate than any other racial, ethnic and gender group.

NOT: CNN Talks About Barack Obama's "Swagga." CNN covered a story this week that would make any rational person of any race, age and gender literally cringe. T.J. Holmes spoke with four men to discuss the critical topic of Obama's "swagga," which ended with Kyra Phillips asking for a fist bump.

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