Sunday, July 27, 2008

Farewell Capitol Hill

After three fabulous years working on Capitol Hill, Friday was my last day in the office (tear). I am leaving the Mecca of the political world to study public policy in Los Angeles. The shift from professional to student, not to mention Washingtonian to Californian, will be a dramatic one but I am excited (and crazy nervous) for the change. Can’t wait to ditch the tailored black suit for a cute sundress and some shades!

Looking back on my years on the Hill, it has been an invaluable experience. Sure, there’s a daunting deliberative process, the politics, the occasional scandal and the excessive amounts of political posturing – but there’s also a lot of good. Once I got over my initial shock that members of Congress don’t personally respond to every constituent request (gasp!) and that the world is partially run by overambitious and self-important 25-year olds, I began to see the potential for good. There are Senators and members of Congress that are sacrificing their lives, health, and families for the good of the American people. There are Republicans and Democrats working endlessly to address the concerns of their constituents.

With all of our government’s flaws (and believe me, I’m its harshest critic), I honestly believe there is no better government in the world. Now there are of course things that other governments are doing better than ours, but I have felt more pride than frustration at the legislative process. It’s an amazing thing when you can introduce and pass a bill that could positively impact the lives of millions - maybe even billions - of people.

Although the congressional approval rating has hit an all time low, I want to encourage and assure my fellow female politicas that there are good things happening in Washington and good people working towards creating a better life for all Americans. It’s a system in which you don’t often see direct and immediate results, but that doesn’t mean that politicians have turned a deaf ear to the concerns of everyday citizens.

Below are pictures with me and some of my good friends on the Hill. I will miss you all dearly ☹


Liz said...

Lindsay!!! I can't believe you're leaving! Well, I can't believe you've left! It was great working with you here in the House and fun having a Senate buddy. Where am I going to go for email addresses?? More importantly - we had plans!! It's all good though. We'll see you in couple of years. You can come back and be our COS. :-) Warm lovies!

Brethren Priestess said...

Farewell to the East but welcome to the West (left) Coast (from one of Liz's friends living in the Bay Area). We're always happy to have more good people out here! I hope you enjoy it.